Lakjaya Hardware Stores

Lal Constructions & Engineering (Pvt) has been opened company own hardware stores at Malabe Road, Pannipitiya On Year 2018 September. Mainly hardware stores supplying to company construction projects & also operating for the local retail business purposes too.

According to high demand of construction boost in the country management decided to operate Hardware stores as a subsidiary of Lal Constructions & Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Currently Lak Jaya Hardware stores holding Dealerships of Ceylon Steel cooperation (SANTHA - Lanwa), Cement-Tokyo Super / Sanstha (Inzee Group) , ACL & ORANGE Cables ,Switches & sockets & CIC & Multilac paints.

Also supplying all other building materials such as River sand, Red bricks, Cement Blocks, Metal, Rubble, asbestos sheets, Power Tools, Sink coated sheets Etc...